Backyard astronomy in the suburbs

Updated sketch of Stephenson 1

At the moment I am trying out new methods for digital processing of my sketches. The sketch below, of Stephenson 1, an open cluster in Lyra, is based on an observation I did a few years ago. I do all my sketches in pencil and on white paper, scan them into Photoshop, and proces them. The method I use is based on several different manuals from fellow astronomers who sketch at the eyepiece, but mostly on Peter Vercauteren's manual ( for Peter's website) and Jeremy Perez's manual ( ). The beautiful sketches of these guys are an inspiration for me!

Sketch of Stephenson 1 in Lyrae, from 30th august 2010. Instrument Orion Optics UK 300mm,
Nagler 22mm, magnification 73x, true fov about 1 degree, south is up, west is to the left.


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