Backyard astronomy in the suburbs

T Lyrae

Last night was good... although the seeing was too bad for double stars, the transparency was perfect. Observed some globulars (M5, M10, M12, M13) and some beautiful carbon stars. T Lyrae was a gem as always. Here's a sketch of T Lyrae I made a few years ago with a 4 inch refractor, also from my backyard.

Tal 100 mm refractor f/10, Panoptic 35mm, magn. 28x. North is up, West is to the left.

Carbon star observing!

Getting ready to observe one or two carbon stars tonight!

Astrodessin: Observing and sketching of astronomy objects

A few months ago I bought a publication from Axilone-Astronomie with the title "ASTRODESSIN, Observation & dessin en astronomie" This double volume is in my opinion the best book around about sketching at the eyepiece. It is in french, but with a dictionary it is possible to understand most of the text. But a large part of both books is packed with sketches, and that is an international language for amateur astronomers! All of the sketches, made by different contributors to the book, are of a high quality. You will find the Sun, Moon, Comets, Eclipses, Planets and all different types of deepsky objects/. The book is large (A4+) and the print quality is excellent. A truly awesome and inspiring book, that shows how beautiful observing at the eyepiece is. Nothing reflects visual astronomy and the experience at the eyepiece better than a sketch. Highly recommended..... well done guys!

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