Object: NGC 1528

Magnitude A / B / C
Separation A-BC/ AC
Position angle A-BC / AC
Spectral class A / B / C
Colour A / B / C
: Perseus
: 04 15.3 / +51 13
: 18
: 6.4
: 70
: 89.0
: 741
Detail sketch:
Date / Time
Observing Location
Seeing / Transparency
Magnification / Field of View '
: 26/12/08 / 21:15
: Landgraaf
: 4 / 5
: Orion Optics UK 300mm
: 22mm Nagler Type 4
: 72 / 68
NGC 1528

Observing Report

NGC 1528 is a very easy object to locate. It is already visiible in the 35mm Panoptic with a magnification of 46x. The optimum magnification for this wonderful medium sized cluster is achieved with the 22mm Nagler. The cluster is well detached from the background in this eyepiece, and there is enough space around it. There is a wide range of magnitude in this cluster, ranging from 9 to 13 and more. It is a medium sized cluster with 50 stars or more.

I see quite a few chains of stars. From the center towards the west I see an asterism like a little plough, consisting of 10 stars, 4 brighter ones and 6 stars just a little fainter. To the south runs a snakelike form with two brighter stars at the southernmost tip. There are a few other chains and small groupings of stars visible, but also some dark lanes and areas without stars. Towards the east of the cluster's centre I see a prominent dark area. There is no real central star. There is no nebulosity involved and I cannot detect a background glow of unresolved stars.