Welcome to Star Observer

A website dedicated to the observation of stars and stellar evolution
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At the core of this site you will find visual observing reports about stars, clusters and nebulae, all from different stages in a stars life.There is a separate page for every object observed. On an object's page you will find my personal observing report, a sketch (or image) and some notes and background information about the object.

The observing reports can be found under "Single and multiple stars”, "Open clusters" and “Stars and their nebulae”.

In the “Starobserver’s blog, you will find all kind news and the latest additions to Starobserver.eu

In the section "about observing stars" you will find some information about the equipment and resources I use for planning, executing and evaluating my observations.

You can navigate through this website using the different menus or the sitemap. You can search this site using the search engine. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me, using the contact form.

Math Heijen